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Using Deep Links to Directly Access Specific Scenes


By adding extra information to the end of your tour's URL, you can customize where your tour begins, and the direction of the starting pose.

Enter virtual tour 01.png

Every virtual tour is designed to begin by displaying an opening graphic (maybe your logo, or other photo) and then resolving to the first scene in the sequence.  By default, this scripting is locked in every time the tour is accessed, unless you make a small adjustment to the information at the end of your tour's URL. 

By instructing the tour to begin with another scene you are able to jump directly anywhere in your tour that may be more appropriate for your needs at the time.  This process is called Deep Linking.

Deep linking forces the tour to go directly to any other scene, and allows you to set the horizontal and vertical pose (the initial point of view from within the 360˚ view that the scene starts with).

You can achieve this by adding some variables to the URL. Here's an example of a deep link using your tour’s URL:

Primary URL (default starting position):

Sample URL with extended instructions (this sample takes you to scene 10, and starts 180˚ around from the scene's default starting point):

This describes the abbreviations in the URL as it relates to your tour:

  • startscene or s is the panorama identifier name. This is the scene’s ID number that you would like the tour to jump directly to.  These IDs can be provided to you upon request. 

  • h is the horizontal looking direction (-180 to +180).

  • v is the vertical looking direction (-90 to +90).

  • skipintro is an option to skip the Empire splash screen logo introduction. (true/false)

  • norotation is an option to stop autorotation. (true/false)

Please contact me​ if you need further assistance.

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