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Utilizing your virtual tour with your existing website


Your delivered virtual tour is accessible using the provided URL, or Internet link, to allow for the tour to open in a standard Web browser, and to play according to the design characteristics of the tour.  The URL in this example is:

There are actually two ways that you can utilize your completed virtual tour on an existing Web page.  One way is to add a link on your page pointing to the tour, which would then open in a new browser window, like this:

Enter virtual tour 01.png

The second approach is detailed below, in which the virtual tour is placed in a strategic location on your suite's Web page along with the rest of the creative content.  This fully functional tour can be manipulated directly on the page.


This is an example of how to embed a virtual tour into your web page.  Using the URL that I supply (like the example above) which will point to your virtual tour that I host on Amazon Web Services, you place the URL inside the iframe code.  This iframe code is then placed onto your web page.

This is a basic website building function which your site designer should be familiar with.  If not, contact me.

This is the code that generates this page's virtual tour:

<iframe width=900 height=500 frameborder=2 src="" scrolling="no"></iframe>

And these are the definitions of the various parts of the code:

width=900 height=500
This is the size measured in pixels that the frame will be on your web page.  You can adjust the values of these to adjust the size relative to other content on your page.  These variables are probably the only adjustments that you need to make to the iframe code that I provide you for your virtual tour.


This value adjusts for the size (as measured in pixels) of the little grey border around the frame.


This is the source ("src") for the VT, which is originating from my AWS servers.  I will provide this; or, if you have received a full set of files for your tour and have installed it into your server, you will need to devise the link to your root index.html file yourself.

Leave this as is.

Please contact me​ if you need further assistance.

Steven Perry Professional Photography
Office (951) 251-4373 | Cell (951) 743-5355
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